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Employee & Workplace Wellness Programs

Why Wellness Programs Are Important

CEOs of leading organisations recognise that people are their greatest asset. These organisations identify employee health and wellness programs as a key tool for:

  • Controlling expenses
  • Supporting and enhancing human capital
  • Strengthening organisational culture, and ultimately
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Employee engagement, and
  • Driving higher profits

Workplace wellness has progressed from something which is ‘nice to have’ or the ‘right thing to do’ to a key element in driving business performance.

In Australia, the impetus for workplace health and wellness is driven by the need to manage an ageing workforce, workers compensation costs, corporate social responsibility, and being an ‘employer of choice’.

The true question is no longer whether employee health and wellness programs should be adopted, but how they should be designed, implemented, and evaluated to achieve maximum benefits.

corporate health and wellness programs

Peter Drucker, the American author whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern corporation, once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We couldn’t agree more. Building a culture of wellness in your business using best practice models for participant engagement and individual behaviour change will be far more powerful than an ill thought-out, reactive, one-off, event-based program.

Ultimately, long-term workplace cultural changes provide better value for your money. With Warrior Wellness you get a tailorable program designed with lifelong individual behaviour change and sustainable cultural development in mind.

Delivery is key, and the Workplace Warriors program has been developed with engagement, prevention, and ‘stickiness’ as its central principles.

Power Up My Wellness

The Lone Warrior Program

A six months online fitness education that takes just 5 minutes per day

For the individual

Valuable fitness education in the areas of strength, cardio, nutrition skills, managing stress, mindfulness focus & resiliency.

How Does It Work?

The Workplace Warrior Program

Wellness Programs For Employees

Corporate Wellness Programs

We implement the best corporate wellness programs to build your company culture around fitness & productivity. We manage your employees’ occupational health risk.

How Does It Work?
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Powerful (adj)

1. having great power, force, potency, or effect
2. extremely effective or efficient in action

Do you identify with the words confident, resilient, fearless, focused, composed, and balanced? How about healthy, effective, successful … happy? Or, do you identify with the words anxious, stressed, and strained? Vulnerable, insecure, deficient? Listless, bleak … unhappy, unwell?

Wellness is a product of a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. It is the state we achieve when each of these dimensions of our wellbeing are optimised. Wellness fosters confidence, self-esteem, resilience and composure within the individual, allowing him or her to navigate effortlessly through the rigours of daily life and be more effective than ever, whether it be with regards to work, family, social or other pressures.

The Wellness Trinity

What is Wellness?

It is the state we attain when we optimise our physical, mental and emotional (spiritual) health. It is feeling strong and at ease with oneself, despite the challenges life throws at us. The three elements are mutually dependent on the others. They feed each other. Deficiency is one area affects the others. Wellness targets all elements.


Exercise and good nutrition helps control weight and avoid disease.


Exercise and good nutrition helps control weight and avoid disease. Bodily chemistry is enhanced, improving mood, energy levels, and libido. You sleep better, which improves your ability to recover from stress. With less stress you feel at ease, which leads to resilience. You become more emotionally stable.


Hormones released from exercise aid in the growth of brain cells.


Hormones released from exercise aid in the growth of brain cells. When combined with brain training and psychological programming you improve memory, processing, creativeness and emotional intelligence. Optimised brain chemistry clarifies your thinking and balances your emotions.


We stop creating additional stressors. We are able to cope better.


External stressors in your life may not be able to be removed, but with optimised physical and mental states the way we deal with these stressors is improved. We stop creating additional stressors, are able to cope better & we feel more content. Our focus shifts to nourishing the soul and we let go of superficial gratification.

The Warrior Mindset

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials”

Life is challenging. We are constantly assaulted with things which are hard – work pressures, tough relationships, illness, financial stress, disappointment, loss, delays. For some, these challenges are too great. Their state of wellness rises and falls with the blows of life. But for the Wellness Warrior, who has the right training, the right armour and the right weapons, these assaults are easily dodged, parried or cut down. The Wellness Warrior’s strength, resilience and composure, in short, the warrior’s power, comes from years of dedication to training and a refinement of their skills. Their ongoing wellness, disconnected from whatever life throws at them, is the shining gem which is the result of taking a hard and disciplined approach to the everyday application of behaviours which contribute to healthy mind, body and spirit. This is the Warrior Mindset.

Make Me A Gem

The Warrior’s Code

  • You reap what you sow

    Wellness is a lifestyle. There are no short cuts or silver bullets. No fads or fashions. This is not a one-off, passing thing in your life. To enjoy an ongoing state of wellness, you need to practice healthful habits for life.

  • Eyes Forward

    Set backs are inevitable, but in hardship there is always opportunity. Likewise, complacency breeds contempt – it is remiss of anyone to think that they’ve “done enough”. The Warrior knows how to get back on the horse when they fall, and to keep riding into the limitless horizon.

  • Crawl before you walk

    Knowing everything before you start is at best a waste of time and energy, and at worst counterproductive. We acquire knowledge, change habits and improve in incremental steps. Progress comes from introducing new information and challenges only once we have assimilated what we have learnt and tried earlier. The Warrior drip feeds on knowledge and challenges rather than feasts.

  • Consistency is better than brilliance

    The forces of modern life are like the unceasing flow of a river. If we stop paddling we immediately begin to drift away from wellness. Like the hare and tortoise, we stand to lose what we have gained if we sleep on the job, and a steady approach is always better.

  • You\’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind

    Action is the only path to wellness. Immediate action is the only sure fire way to change a habit. If you want to change, start today.

  • Anything worth doing is worth your best

    Anything less than your best is laziness. Results correlate directly with effort.

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