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Wellness and its ability drive enhanced performance and fulfilment from your life has been a building passion for me over several years, from a time when my own physical and mental wellness was severely depleted. I became acutely aware of the things I was doing and the internal dialogues that were playing out in my mind which helped pull me out of this low point. Adhering to these strategies helped me perform better at work and helped me act and feel like a better person. Everything improved as a result. Wellness goes beyond health and certainly beyond fitness or vanity because to practice wellness properly requires a level of discipline which carries over into so many other things. This experience spurred me on to build Warrior Wellness so that more people can harvest the true benefit of holistic wellness.

Does your workplace lack arousal?

I read about a study recently which involved giving people simple cognitive problems to solve while peddling on a stationary bike. The study saw that most people unconsciously started peddling faster when presented with the problems to solve. The effect is called arousal, a two-way relationship that sees brain activity increase in response to either [...]

Wellness and Mental Health

  Written by Jordan Ralph, Director Warrior Wellness & Luke Dimasi, Director Warrior Wellness. This story was published for Mental Health Week in the October 2016 edition of Brief Magazine, published by the Law Society of WA. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The proliferation of the wellness agenda (and industry) over the last ten years has closely matched the [...]

Prep yourself for performance

How effective we are throughout the day depends on our mental arousal - too little or too much affects performance. Our brains are linked to our bodily physiology in a number of ways. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in situations while working which are not conducive to optimum states of mental arousal – long periods [...]

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3 ways to make your work work for you

The personal effect of soul destroying jobs extends beyond the job - it invades our wellbeing at home and at work. A job we hate dominates our thoughts and emotions outside of work, for instance, the dread which accompanies Sunday afternoon, knowing work is tomorrow. We cannot function properly outside of work if we don't [...]

Exercise is comparable to medication in the treatment of anxiety (and better than other “treatments”)

Anxiety is becoming an increasingly diagnosed disorder. This is bringing more and more people in contact with doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, and increasingly anxiety is being treated with medication, therapy, and soothing treatments. This is a shame because since 2008 it has been proven that exercise: Works better than: - Stress management education - Group therapy [...]

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Sweet Nothings?

The sugar debate rages on and on, and along with each polemic attack on sugar, and stories of individuals experiencing life epiphanies emanating from cutting sugar from theirs diets altogether, hordes of people jump on the bandwagon and profess to give it up hence forth. But as impassioned as they are many of these people [...]

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Employers Pay Attention

In only 4 years since launching job search website Glassdoor has picked up 106 million unique page visits globally and is currently running at about a million visits per day. Forbes ranks it no. 5 in a list of 10 of the most powerful job search websites, next to heavyweights like Linkedin and Monster (one [...]

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Word of the Day: Iatrogenics

Iatrogenics: The unintended negative side effects (sometimes fatal) of medical intervention. Examples include: - Risk associated with medical interventions - Adverse effects of prescription drugs - Over-use of drugs, (causing - for example - antibiotic resistance in bacteria) - Prescription drug interaction - Medical error - Post-operative infections and complications Faulty procedures, techniques, information, methods, or [...]

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Enhancing personal management for healthy high performance

Luke and Jordan from Warrior Wellness recently presented on behalf of the Law Society of WA as part of their Continuing Professional Development programme. Lawyers in attendance learned how a greater focus on personal disciplines can enhance wellness and work performance. We look forward to presenting again at the Law Society during Mental Health Week [...]

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