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Does your workplace lack arousal?

I read about a study recently which involved giving people simple cognitive problems to solve while peddling on a stationary bike. The study saw that most people unconsciously started peddling faster when presented with the problems to solve. The effect is called arousal, a two-way relationship that sees brain activity increase in response to either [...]

Wellness and Mental Health

  Written by Jordan Ralph, Director Warrior Wellness & Luke Dimasi, Director Warrior Wellness. This story was published for Mental Health Week in the October 2016 edition of Brief Magazine, published by the Law Society of WA. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The proliferation of the wellness agenda (and industry) over the last ten years has closely matched the [...]

3 ways to make your work work for you

The personal effect of soul destroying jobs extends beyond the job - it invades our wellbeing at home and at work. A job we hate dominates our thoughts and emotions outside of work, for instance, the dread which accompanies Sunday afternoon, knowing work is tomorrow. We cannot function properly outside of work if we don't [...]

Exercise is comparable to medication in the treatment of anxiety (and better than other “treatments”)

Anxiety is becoming an increasingly diagnosed disorder. This is bringing more and more people in contact with doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, and increasingly anxiety is being treated with medication, therapy, and soothing treatments. This is a shame because since 2008 it has been proven that exercise: Works better than: - Stress management education - Group therapy [...]

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Word of the Day: Iatrogenics

Iatrogenics: The unintended negative side effects (sometimes fatal) of medical intervention. Examples include: - Risk associated with medical interventions - Adverse effects of prescription drugs - Over-use of drugs, (causing - for example - antibiotic resistance in bacteria) - Prescription drug interaction - Medical error - Post-operative infections and complications Faulty procedures, techniques, information, methods, or [...]

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How productive is your sleep?

So much of our state of health and wellbeing depends on the quantity of sleep we get... well, that is at least half the story anyway. Quality is the other half of the picture. Even if we get fewer hours of sleep than recommended, and lets be honest, 7-10 hours per night is a difficult [...]

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What is the Warrior Mindset?

It was 8:30pm. The usual nightly rush hour(s) involving washing, feeding and putting the kids to bed, and then cleaning up after the daily hurricane of ankle biter activity had just finished. I joined my fingers together, turned them inside out and pushed my arms out in front of me, in a symbolic gesture of [...]

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