In only 4 years since launching job search website Glassdoor has picked up 106 million unique page visits globally and is currently running at about a million visits per day. Forbes ranks it no. 5 in a list of 10 of the most powerful job search websites, next to heavyweights like Linkedin and Monster (one of the first).

Why is this relevant? Because Glassdoor is truly unique in the job search world. It offers snapshots of information about employers generated by feedback from the applicants and employees of those companies. That information covers things like compensation, management style, culture, and the presence and quality of health and wellbeing programs. The quick rise in Glassdoor’s popularity shows that employees are considering carefully the businesses they go to work for and are basing their decisions on more than just company prestige or pay rates.

Employers around the world may be operating in a buyer’s market at the moment but, without a doubt, the economic cycle will shift around eventually, and that is when it becomes a seller’s (employee) market. It takes years to change company cultures and to get thoroughly effective health and wellbeing programs up to steam. Those employers who fail to take initiatives regarding the employee experience NOW will stand to lose talent and find it tough to attract quality employees in the future when employees will have more choice and more mobility.

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