So much of our state of health and wellbeing depends on the quantity of sleep we get… well, that is at least half the story anyway. Quality is the other half of the picture. Even if we get fewer hours of sleep than recommended, and lets be honest, 7-10 hours per night is a difficult ask in this day and age, I’m sure we all know from experience that good sleep, even if brief, is heavenly.

It has to do with various stages of sleep. The deepest sleep (stage 3) only lasts a short period of time but it is very important to our daily revitalisation. We lose some of the restorative effect of sleep if we never achieve stage 3 sleep. People with sleeping disorders very often only sleep lightly, even if they sleep (or are in bed) for a long time. This affects mood, psychology, and motivation.

Sleep hygiene refers to practices which give you the best chance of getting quality sleep by programming the brain and the body to switch into sleep mode at specific time. Have a read and try these the practices out – make them habits and you’ll reap the wellness benefits.

Sleep hygiene