It was 8:30pm. The usual nightly rush hour(s) involving washing, feeding and putting the kids to bed, and then cleaning up after the daily hurricane of ankle biter activity had just finished. I joined my fingers together, turned them inside out and pushed my arms out in front of me, in a symbolic gesture of the productive period of work I was about to undertake…

Powerful Warrior MindsetThings didn’t turn out as planned that night. I barely made a dent in my ‘to do’ list. My focus was blunted and I didn’t have the energy or tenacity to start one of those all important big projects. I simply skirted from one easy, meaningless task to another. After 45 minutes of procrastination and “electronic paper shuffling” I came to my senses and went to bed. I told myself that I would awake re-energized and in a far better state to tear through the ‘to do’ list with my usually sharp task focus and efficiency.

I was right. At 5:30am I awoke feeling fresh and full of vigour. I walked the dog in the quiet, still and cool morning air, listening to the birds and admiring the sky as it brightened from grey and lit up the bottoms of the clouds on the horizon in brilliant orange. After breakfast I jumped back into my work and not only was I more focused and efficient than the night before, I was more positive. Being more positive freed my mind and my creativity started to flow. I was enjoying my work and was completely engaged with it. I completed a major item on my list after working solidly until 11:00am. Time flies when you’re having fun. I paused to clear my mind, stretch my legs and reward myself with a coffee and a lunch time run.

I believe in practicing what you preach – of walking the talk, and in this situation I was happy that my knowledge of wellness, personal awareness and effectiveness worked for me. Wellness is a lifestyle which we must constantly practice and be mindful of. There are many elements to it within the 3 dimensions of mind, body and spirit, so it isn’t always easy to get it right. Frequently we can favour one area too strongly, to the detriment of another area. But when we do get it right it is possible to be more focused, effective, composed and ultimately happy, than we thought we could be. Think of someone you might label as a ‘gun’, someone dynamic and possibly a top performer. Now, using your imagination, combine this with someone who you feel carries an inner strength, and someone who is gracious and compassionate. This is truly a powerful person – able to achieve great things, but also able to deliver “service with a smile.” Able to leave an impression on people. Able to touch people. Resilient, quietly confident… balanced. This isn’t necessarily about achievement – what you do – but how you do it.

The path to wellness, the daily practice of refining the many elements which contribute to healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit, will develop in you the behaviours necessary to become this person. We call this the Warrior Mindset. Sounds like a contradiction right? Surely wellness and the fearless resolve of a warrior are different things? Not if you consider the saying “a gem cannot be polished without friction”. A warrior’s strength, resilience and composure, in short, a warrior’s power, comes from years of dedication to training and a refinement of their skills. Wellness is the shining gem which is the result of taking a hard and disciplined approach to the everyday application of behaviours which contribute to healthy mind, body and spirit. I have alluded to some of these behaviours with my little anecdote, but not one to give away things too easily I’ll leave it to later posts to talk about these in more detail.

Keep an eye out to learn more. All the best.


Jordan Ralph

Director, Warrior Wellness Pty Ltd